Selection of our solar pv mounting systems deployments since 2006

There Are No Small Projects

Along the years, we have completed several kinds of projects with our solar pv mounting systems, all very important to us, regardless their service area or business volume. From each one of them, we have built on experience, and we have striven to improve, while focusing on our main objective, which is to exceed our clients’ expectations, every time. For Solarstem, every client matters, and each project is a new challenge.

Our references are our best guarantees for the most demanding clients. This solar panel mounts portfolio endorses our service and product quality.

Some of Our Projects

Here are some samples of our delivered projects. They are sorted by installation type, including mounting system used. Unfortunately, for practical purposes, after 9 years of service, we can only list a limited number of projects:

Flat Surface

AF-FLAT/AF-AERO solar mounting systems for flat roof .


AF-GRID/AF-ROW solar mounting systems for sloped-roof with triangular frames..

Sloped-roof | Coplanar

Sloped-roof coplanar solar mounting systems: OR-ROW, OR-GRID and OR-MINI

Solar Farm

BP-FIELD and MP-FIELD solar mounting systems for open field.

For practical reasons, we rather not disclose all the information on each one of our projects. If you want to know more about a specific project, please, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with technical details and the problems we faced and solved along the way.