Marquesina fotovoltaica aparcamiento carport, Solarstem
Marquesinas fotovoltaicas aparcamiento carport, Solarstem

Photovoltaic canopy

We have designed our photovoltaic canopies to offer a different option than traditional canopies that are adapted for solar panels.

Main features:

  • Modularity. The canopies are combined with one another to offer several solar parking measurements.
  • Modern, minimalistic solar canopy made of galvanized steel contrasting with robust, CE-certified baked-on painted steel platens.
  • Easy to install; no welding or on-site mechanization required.
  • Designed to be install photovoltaic solar panels and wiring.
  • Support for most commercially available modules, either framed or think-layered.
  • Cost-effective.


Galvanized solarpark

This version is made of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles according to the UNE EN ISO 1461 standard. Profiles can be delivered in a wide range of colors.

Aluminum solarpark

The aluminum photovoltaic canopy mounting profiles are made of high-strength silver anodized aluminum; therefore, these canopies are ideal for small-size installations where esthetics are a priority.

Soportes y estructuras para placas solares con certificado CE, Solarstem
Soportes y estructuras para placas solares con 15 años de garantia, Solarstem