Mounting systems for solar panels OEM

If you are a solar collector or photovoltaic module manufacturer or dealer, mounting systems for solar panels might not be your priority. However, you can still offer this accessories to your clients. Solarstem can provide you with fully customized solar panel mounts kits that are specifically adapted to your products.

How We Do It

Planning | Design

First, the client’s needs are carefully assessed to help design the whole solar panel mounts from scratch, including the packaging. However, we can engineer the structures from an existing design.

For our planning and design process, our main objectives are:

  • Structural safety. Our technical team design the kits estimating wind and snow loads for the solar racking, among other design variables, therefore, the kits are CE certified.
  • Efficiency. The design considers multiple factors, being the installer satisfaction our main concern. The installer should be able to mount the solar panels in an easy and quick fashion.
  • Streamline. Our client kits are built with the minimum required amount of components, which are common to the entire product line.


The profiles are machined and the solar panel rackings are mounted in our facilities to ensure a better control over the entire process. Our quality assurance system is certified, but most important is the experience and trust our clients, some of them large European corporations, place in us.

The components that are not manufactured by us, such as bolts, nuts and screws, are provided by quality European certified providers.

Soportes y estructuras para placas solares con certificado CE, Solarstem
Sistema de gestion ISO 9001:2008 TÜV RHEINLAND, Solarstem