Solarstem provides quality, easy-to-install solar panel mounting and carport solar racking for companies and dealers.

Our beginnings

Talleres Cendra, a metal stamping company founded in 1958, has evolved to become an auto part supplier for the demanding automotive industry. Consequently, the company gained valuable technical know-how in the production and quality assurance areas.


Over time, the new brand was created in 2006. Solarstem was born as a separate business to provide solar panel mounts and carport solar racking. Our objective is to gain competitive edge through quality and service.

Solarstem fabricante de estructuras para el montaje de placas solares, Solarstem
Sistemas de montaje para placas solares Solarstem Kits fotovoltaicos


The photovoltaic and thermal solar mounting systems are designed and manufactured in our own facilities. Our new plant of nearly 11,000 square feet was built in 2006, and includes the offices, warehouse and factory floor.

The production facility comprises the cutting, mechanization, and stamping lines, as well as many assembly areas. Our Quality Assurance Department provides supervision means such as 3D profile measuring and tensile stress testing machines. Structural calculations are prepared at our in-plant technical office, fitted with the most advanced IT applications in the industry, along with proprietary structure planning applications.